Industrial process heating systems are critical assets in any manufacturing plant. Maintaining them properly extends their life, increases return on capital and reduces the number and duration of unplanned breakdowns. A well-maintained system will be more efficient to run, improving output, quality and reducing operational costs.

Data collection for meaningful analysis, enabling prediction of component failure and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is always the most appropriate methodology to adopt, ensuring all maintenance work is scheduled exactly when it suits your business.

We have comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with all our maintenance clients and rigorously measure our performance against them to ensure that we deliver the speed and standard of service we promise. Across the whole of 2016 we have met our callout response time targets over 96% of the time, and in almost 3 out of 4 weekday callouts we are on site at least an hour earlier than required in the SLA.

Of course, it’s not just about arriving promptly. Our expert team of engineers have an enviable first fix rate and are fully committed to completing the work on time so you can get back to your manufacturing schedule and meeting your customers’ demands.

You can read more about our approach to maintenance and management of your process heating systems, in the Fairburn Asset Management Excellence Journey