Commercial Heating System Design

We are always happy to be involved in the design of your commercial heating systems.

Our extensive experience of maintaining commercial heating solutions has given us a first rate insight into what works and what doesn’t and also the lifetime costs associated with running and maintaining your system rather than just the initial capital outlay.

We firmly believe that including the people that will install and maintain a commercial heating system in the design process is a great way to ensure a pragmatic design that will pay dividends in the future.

We have considerable experience of helping clients define what they want from their commercial heating and then turning that into a commercial heating system design brief.

We can work with Commercial Heating equipment manufacturers to scope the important calculations such as the building U values and heating KW load.  We have experience working with equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers including Nortek, Powrmatic and Roberts Gordon (Combat).  Some of our clients speak to us first and then we can bring in the appropriate manufacturer.

We have designed commercial heating systems including Gas fired radiant tube heaters, Unit warm air heaters and cabinet heaters and all necessary associated pipework.

With warm air unit heaters or cabinet heaters are specified it is always beneficial to compliment the installation with roof mounted destratification fans.  These will push the air back to low level where keeping warm air can be problematic.   Destratification fans have a number of benefits:

  • Reduced fuel bills, by eliminating heat build up in roof spaces;
  • Makes use of additional heat produced by lighting and machinery, circulating it to the desired area;
  • Reduces pre-heat time.

Recently, a number of our clients have been forced to switch from Red diesel to White diesel, which involves a significant cost increase and can make a conversion to gas a more cost-effective solution.