Return to the Isle of Skye

Mowi burners repolacement

Just over a year after our first visit, James, Jay and Dan were back in the Isle of Skye for a week earlier this year, working for Mowi ASA, the largest producer of Atlantic Salmon on their Salmon feed driers.

In addition to our role as annual service provider, we were commissioned to replace two gas burners with smaller ones to provide more temperature control and save energy.  We removed two Winnox WX300 burners and replaced them with two Ratiomatic RM300 burners to give Mowi a lower temperature at the end of the oven, forcing the start and middle zones to increase temperature which gives the oven a better overall temperature profile for the drying of the Salmon feed.

The burners were acquired through Kempston Controls, who are channel partners of Honeywell.

The installation was a great success, and Mowi are now enjoying the energy saving.