Pipe Work – Design

Correctly designed pipework will ensure the right sizing to optimise gas flow and pressure loss between the meter and your appliance.

We have considerable experience in pipework design and helping clients define exactly what they want. Converting what we want to achieve into a detailed design brief can be a challenge, but we make sure we understand the requirements properly and create a practical design to meet them.

All our pipework designs conform to industry best practice and we adhere to the Royal Academy of Engineering six principles for designing engineering systems:

  • Debate, define, revise and pursue the purpose of the pipework
  • Holistic thinking – the pipework design is only as good as the weakest point
  • Disciplined procedures to minimise the possibility of errors
  • Creative – thinking logically and laterally
  • People focus – how easy will it be to operate?
  • Project and relationship management

Well designed pipework will also make pipework installation and future pipework repair easier