Is it time to review your commercial heating system?

At Fairburn Heating Solutions, Managing Director Craig Carr and his team have noticed an increase in enquiries relating to Commercial Heating Systems.  Craig commented “Many companies have realised they need to try to cut their energy usage in the face of spiralling costs.  They don’t want to waste heat and they are finding that the increased energy costs are significantly changing the lifetime cost and return on investment (ROI) assumptions made when their systems were designed and installed.

Many companies have commercial heating equipment which uses old technology and there is scope for improving it and/or introducing a more rigorous maintenance regime to maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Typical venues that the Fairburn team have been invited to look at include warehouses and larger leisure facilities such as gyms, sports halls and swimming pools.  There is also a greater focus on commercial heating system design in new buildings.  Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Systems contractors can benefit from talking to commercial heating design & installation experts when designing and building large facilities such as warehousing for the growing online fulfilment industry.  Traditionally, these kind of constructions use radiant heating, but good design can significantly reduce running costs.

One of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an increase in ventilation in many buildings, which of course tends to increase the heating costs.

The experienced team of gas engineers at Fairburn have expertise in installing and maintaining a wide range of commercial heating equipment, including the use of roof-mounted destratification fans like the one shown (left) to push the warmer air back to a lower level, utilise heat generated by lighting and machinery and reduce pre-heat time.

All Fairburn projects benefit from an accepted best practice approach to the whole project including testing and handover.  Robust project management ensures high-quality work is completed on-time and within the agreed budget.  Our engineers are available to work on a 7-day basis to minimise the impact on our clients’ normal operations.

If your commercial heating system costs are too high, or suffering unplanned breakdowns, or if you are considering installing a new commercial heating solution, please give us a call on 01886 358025, email us or use the contact form on our website.