How did we do last year?

Our firm belief is that process heating should never cause downtime.  We work closely with our clients to achieve this goal and we rely heavily on data to measure the performance of their systems and components.

But we don’t just measure the performance of our clients’ process heating systems: we also measure ourselves and share that data openly.

At the top of our home page you’ll find the three primary measures we track to check we are meeting our clients’ requirements.

Firstly, we track our client retention.  In our experience, how companies choose to spend their money speaks volumes.  We’re incredibly proud that we have retained every single major client we have worked for in the last 16 years.

We have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with all our clients which include a commitment to attend a call-out within a fixed period of time, usually 4 hours.  Our call monitoring and engineer reporting systems allow us to measure the actual performance against this commitment.  In 2020 we delivered on our commitment in 100% of call-outs.

Our aim though is to over-deliver wherever possible, so we also measure the actual response time to every call-out.  In 2020 our average response time was 3 hours and 12 minutes, meaning we usually get to work earlier than expected; something our clients really appreciate.

If a responsive process heating maintenance company that really “does what it says on the tin” is of interest, please call us on 01886 358 025.