Definitely not “just another brick in the wall”!


Earlier this year, the Fairburn Heating Solutions team completed one of the biggest contracts the company has undertaken, installing the main gas pipework on a new brick Kiln made by Kellar at the Ibstock Atlas site near Walsall.  In addition, the job involved the installation of compressed air pipework for the air actuator dampers and the cooling air for the sight glass viewing ports.

The kiln is rated at 20 Megawatts, from a total of 650 gas burners, supplied by an 8-inch gas pipeline.  It is part of a £45M clay brick manufacturing facility which can produce up to 80 million bricks per annum.  Construction of the site began in 2020 and the site has been visited by Andy Street, the West Midlands Mayor and was opened by the Mayor of Walsall.

The new facility will have an industry leading manufacturing cost and sustainability profile.

Reflecting on the project, Craig Carr, Managing Director of Fairburn Heating Solutions said “This was a great project for Fairburn Heating Solutions Ltd; as with most sizable jobs they are never without challenges along the way, however as always, the team have pulled together magnificently to deliver our work to Keller Kilns GmbH & Ibstock Bricks’ satisfaction.

Great work team Fairburn!”

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