We service Nortek, Reznor and Vapac HVAC Systems

If you own any of the warm air or radiant heaters manufactured by Nortek Global HVAC, then you may have heard the news that they have withdrawn from quoted service work with effect from the end of April 2020.

The good news is that we have over 15 years experience working on this type of commercial heating (warm air, radiant tube fired), going back to the very early days of Fairburn.  Our team of expert engineers are available to look after your service requirements for these systems.

We currently look after over 100 warm air or radiant heaters across the UK and are conversant in the whole Nortek range, including Reznor, Ambirad, Benson and Nordair Niche across a wide range of industries, delighting our clients with our exceptional responsiveness and first-fix rates.

We are always happy to talk to any companies about their service requirements and visit sites to complete a no-obligation review and quotation.

If that sounds interesting, call us today on 01886 358 025 or use the contact form on this website and we’ll respond promptly.