Team pulls together to slash downtime by 87%


When the Roasting Company, the largest family-owned processor of Peanuts and Tree nuts in the UK suffered a factory fire at their manufacturing facility near Sleaford in Lincolnshire they were quoted a lead time for delivery of replacement equipment of at least 16 weeks.


Fortunately, they decided to call Fairburn and we were able to offer them a complete refurbish as an alternative, with a target of 2 weeks to full recommissioning.

This photo shows some of the clean and shiny refurbished equipment after our engineers had worked their magic.





The whole team pulled together to get the work done, and James (pictured left) completed the commissioning work in time to hit the deadlines.

As Sean, one of our Senior Process Gas Technicians said “we pulled out all the stops, but it’s what we do for all our clients.  Process Heating should never be the cause of downtime”

Craig Carr, Managing Director of Fairburn Heating Solutions said “The Roasting Company were facing a situation which could have caused significant disruption and long-term damage to their business.  Fortunately, by pulling together as a team, we were able to complete the refurbishment and get them back to full manufacturing capacity 14 weeks earlier than they had feared.  They were very grateful to all our engineers for their efforts on the project.”