Asset Management Excellence Journey

Please find below ten statements about your process heating equipment.  Just use the 5 point scale to indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree with each statement and press the ‘submit’ button at the bottom.  Our automatic diagnostic tool will give you an idea of where you are on the journey to Asset Management Excellence and where you may be able to make further improvements.

Please select the appropriate ‘score’ for each statement where 5 = strongly agree, 4 = agree, 3 = neither agree or disagree, 2 = disagree and 1 = strongly disagree:

1.My business never experiences unplanned breakdowns due to process heating
2.We always hit our output targets
3.We always keep within our maintenance and repair budgets
4.Our customer relationships have never been damaged by problems with our process heating systems
5.We constantly monitor our process heating equipment to track performance and work out the right time for maintenance
6.We have a register of ‘Golden Assets’ and a system to manage them
7.We have a planned maintenance programme which we always stick to
8.We have agreed a Process Improvement Plan which everyone understands and we are on track
9.We have our own skilled and experienced engineers
10.Our external process heating specialists always respond quickly, solve our problems and are good value for money

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