The Asset Management Journey – Steps 4 & 5

Process Heating | Asset Management Journey


In our previous blog posts, we looked at the first step in the Asset Management Excellence Journey and the second and third steps. By step 3, companies have made a significant switch in their maintenance philosophy to proactive replacement or refurbishment of items before they break, utilising Asset Management Plans, Condition Monitoring and a Critical Spares List.

In step 4, we move from “planned” maintenance to “Proactive” maintenance. Again, this involves a shift in mindset.  The business definition and understanding of maintenance moves from “fixing and repairing” to “improving”.  The information from Condition Monitoring can be used to feed KPIs.  Reliability Centred Maintenance can be introduced and focus is on value.  This typically results in increased uptime, reduction or even elimination of defects and real competitive advantage.

The final step is to optimise the process heating system.  In step 5, companies can achieve BS-EN-55001 and “Best in Class” status.  This can create opportunities for strategic partnerships and alliances with key customers and builds an internal culture of a Hight Reliability Organisation.

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