The Asset Management Journey – Summary

Process Heating | Asset Management Journey


In our previous blog posts, we looked at the five steps of the Asset Management Excellence Journey.

The five step process is the method by which we move our clients from a situation where unplanned breakdowns and process heating systems failures are commonplace with all the associated unpleasant consequences, to a position where their process heating system is continually improved and optimised, positively contributing to the success of their business.

The process draws from four industry best practice principles:

  1. Measurement – all key system statistics are recorded and tracked
  2. Monitoring – regular reviews of all performance measures
  3. Predicting – potential failures are identified in advanced
  4. Operating below failure point – maintenance interventions are scheduled to prevent failures

Through the five steps we introduce 3 key enhancements, defined by BS-EN 13306 (2010):

  1. Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) – preventative maintenance, including a combination of condition monitoring, inspection, testing and analysis
  2. Predictive Maintenance (PM) – maintenance carried out on the basis of forecast degradation of the item.  The forecast is derived from repeated analysis from CBM
  3. Condition-Based Monitoring – monitoring of specific conditions enables prediction of the optimum maintenance timing

For some businesses, adopting these principles and committing to the Asset Management Excellence Journey may require a shift in focus.  A traditional manufacturing focus on output would need to be balanced with the efficiency and longevity of the process heating system.

If your process heating system suffers unexpected failures, unplanned breakdowns and increasing downtime costs, the Fairburn Asset Management Excellence Journey will help you transition to a more planned and proactive approach, giving you back control of your systems and ensuring they work for you and your business.  We can guide you through each step of the process, using our proven methodology and deliver a class-leading, high performance organisation.

To  read more about, please download our White Paper with the full Asset Management Excellence Journey or call us on 01886 358025 to discuss how we can help.