Installing a Process Heating System


Although it might seem like putting “the cart before the horse”, experience shows that it can be advantageous to think about maintenance of a process heating system before it is installed.

Specifically, who you will use to carry out the maintenance.  If you can find a maintenance company who can also install your process heating system, it is highly likely that their engineers will be able to provide better on-going maintenance if they carried out the installation.  The knowledge of how a system is installed can make it easier to maintain, and the installation team will be able to give consideration to easy maintenance as they carry out their work.

Fairburn Heating Solutions have extensive experience of installing process heating systems in a range of industries.  All installations are carefully project managed – we know the importance of delivering on-time and on-budget!

Our experience also encompasses a wide variety of industrial heating system brands, including Honeywell Eclipse, Honeywell Kromschroder, Honeywell Maxon, Wieshaupt, Riello, Esa Pyronics, Comtherm, Nu-Way, Elster Thermal Solutions (Honeywell) and Stordy (Fives Group).

You can read more about our process heating installation expertise here, or call us on 01886 358025 to discuss your requirements.