Summer factory shutdowns mean a busy time for Fairburn

Heatwaves, traffic jams, queues at airports and ferry terminals can only mean one thing – it’s the summer holiday season!  And so it’s the time of year when many manufacturing plants have their annual shutdown, especially in the automotive sector.

So, while our clients’ workforces are taking a well-earned holiday, our engineers are carrying out planned maintenance.  Our approach to planned maintenance, driven by monitoring of process heating systems and their key components means we can get a lot of routine gas burner maintenance work completed when the plants are shut, reducing the impact on productivity and the cost of unplanned breakdowns.

The same principle applies to the other industry sectors we work in.  Using data to predict component failures means we can work with the manufacturing teams to plan maintenance at a time that best suits their demand schedule.  Very often, we can carry out maintenance work at weekends or overnight to minimise the impact on the smooth running of the factory.

If you are frustrated by the number of unplanned breakdowns to your process heating system, please give us a call on 01886 358 025, we’ll be happy to show you why we believe process heating should never cause downtime.